8 Foods That Are Surprisingly Great For Weight Loss

8 Foods That Are Surprisingly Great For Weight Loss - Rezlek Fitness

Slimming down does not always need to be about holding back and being in denial. Actually, it should be the opposite. Focusing on the quality of your food rather than the quantity of your food is the key to successful and sustainable weight loss. Eat wholesome, nourishing, (can be calorie-filled) foods and you'll be more inclined to eating less and satisfied with it as well. Many of the foods we assume are off-limits when it concerns dropping weight are actually the ones we can eat when trying to achieve our weight loss goals. Below are 8 foods that won't just help you reach your weight-loss goals, but will also help you keep the weight off!


Consume skim and stay slim? We would think not always so when it concerns milk. Current research published in the American Journal of Nutrition stated that more than 18,000 women who ate more higher-fat dairy as well as whole-milk foods had less chances of being overweight.

Just how can this be? Well firstly, there are important fats that are removed in the skimming process-- these fatty acids are what make you feel full and keep you feeling full after consumption. A number of research studies have actually found that when people lower the quantity of fat in their diet, they often replace them with sugars and refined carbs that can have a worse impact on your body and overall health.

Bottom line: You should feel comfortable consuming dairy products and you shouldn't worry too much about the fat they hold. It would be wiser to restrict dairy products that are heavy in sugars, such as fruit flavored yogurts and ice-creams which are far worse for your health.



In addition to healthy fats, nut butters include an outstanding quantity of healthy protein as well as fiber, which is great for your health. Peanut butter boasts an abundant 8 grams of protein per 2 tablespoons together with 2 grams of fiber.

A research study from Harvard College of Public Health found that regular nut consumption amongst a group of more than 51,000 women was related to a lower risk of weight gain as well as excessive weight. A similar research in the Journal of Nutrition stated that weight did not fluctuate much when comparing people who a lot of nuts versus people who ate normal amounts. Simply put: Nuts as well as nut butters can be a healthy enhancement to your diet plan, even when trying to lose weight. So next time you want to snack in between meals, try eating some kind of a nut butter instead of crackers or pretzels. The 200 calorie nut butter snack will keep you full longer then a 200 calorie snack of crackers and they are obviously a healthier choice.

Shopping Tip: Avoid the reduced-fat variations, which paradoxically tend to have even more calories, sugar, sodium that the plain nut butter. Buy those that state "nuts only" on the label and maybe a little salt. It's an excellent and easy way for you and your family to consume more whole grains, fruits, as well as veggies. What's not to like about a juicy apple dipped in some pure almond butter!


Pasta is surprisingly short on the glycemic index-- a ranking of carbs on a scale of 0 to 100, based on just how rapidly they raise blood-sugar levels. The longer it takes to absorb, the lower the index number, leaving you with a steadier source of fuel to sustain those well needed energy levels. Whole-grain pasta falls in the 32-37 range (about fifty percent to the index number of white bread), while white pasta averages in the mid-40s, still a lot less than that piece of white bread. And also because pasta is traditionally combined with various other wholesome foods like fish and shellfish, veggies as well as olive oil, a healthy pasta dish is far away from off-limits for those worried about their weight.

Health hacks: Stick to whole-grains, double up on veggies and avoid the very cheesy, cream-based sauces.



Rich in a high-grade healthy protein, healthy and balanced fats and essential minerals and vitamins, eggs are a low-calorie, nutrient-dense choice when it pertains to snacks and meals. At simply 70 calories per egg, it's a no-brainer and you should eat the whole egg, yolk and white together. Yes, egg yolks give dietary cholesterol, yet recent research studies currently show that nutritional cholesterol has less of a result on blood cholesterol than we once believed. The proof claims eating entire eggs in small amounts is safe, and some research studies also reveal they might assist in weight loss when consumed instead of eating refined carbohydrates.

Fun Fact: Eggs are amazing because they don't cost much, are very healthy and super easy to prepare when you are pressed with time. Prepare your eggs in olive oil, sautéed with greens and veggies, then serve them over whole-grain bread for a nutritious and well-balanced diet.


What many people fail to realize is that per ounce, dark meat poultry (from the leg as well as upper leg) only has about 5 added calories as well as 1g of fat more than white breast meat. The skin is where most of the fat lies-- If you skip the skin you are prepping a much more calorie-conscious meal. Dark meat has a tendency to be more tender, juicy as well as abundant in taste than breast meat. That means you need less butter, oil or any other type of sauce to prepare it and make it tasty. It's a great resource of lean protein that will leave you satisfied and less likely to want to over eat.

Dark meat also contains more myoglobin, an oxygen-carrying healthy protein that gives it a gray-reddish color, along with more iron and zinc which are immune-boosting minerals.

Portion tip: Chicken thighs are about half the size of these large 9- and 10-ounce breast halves we eat today, making it a rewarding meal. Double reward: They're less costly too.


When it involves weight management, cutting down on those liquid calories can be the key to your success. Alcohol brings a whopping 7 calories per gram, which adds up really fast when you're getting your drink on. However, completely cutting out alcohol may not be a solution for many of us and not necessary either.

According to a research study from Washington State University, Red Wine has been selected as the healthier alternative when comparing it to white wine and many other alcohols. It was found the polyphenols in red wine (consisting of resveratrol) might even prevent excessive weight by assisting in metabolism. Polyphenols in larger quantities originate from whole grapes, however those benefits are transferred over to red wine as well.

Conclusion: Alcohols will not necessarily aid in weight loss, but they do help us relax and avoid nervous eating at the end of a stressful day. In moderation, alcohol is good for the heart, too. Consume alcohol responsibly and pick a 120-calorie glass of wine over sugar-loaded alcoholic drinks and carbohydrate-dense beer for better results with you weight-loss goals.


Your everyday cup of coffee may do much more to your systen than just help you wake up. Its known to stimulate the brain, the nerves and holds anti-oxidants that will help your system metabolize sugars. It also helps suppress cravings and reduces the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Caffeinated coffee may also promote thermogenesis, helping the body burn fat and improving efficiency in endurance workouts like running and cycling.

While the effects of coffee on weight-loss are most likely minimal, the general health benefits are definitely a reason to enjoy a cup or more each early morning as part of your everyday regimen. A 2014 methodical evaluation as well as meta-analysis of 36 research studies stated that those that consumed their morning coffee were at a lower risk for heart problems.

A cup of suggestions: Not all coffee is made the same-- the majority of the advantages related to coffee are related to black coffee-- not the cream and sugar-filled coffee beverages from drive-thrus and coffee shops. Try try to limit those specialty flavored and sugar filled coffees to a minimum. 



Simply 1 or 2 bites of rich, rewarding dark chocolate can not only reduce stress, but also eliminate the desires for other sugar-loaded treats, as well. High stress levels can cause cortisol hormone spikes, which boost the cravings and psychological eating habits.

The benefits of delicious chocolate come down to the concentration of cacao flavonoids, which have been known to have numerous health benefits, such as improving blood circulation, as well as minimizing the danger of heart disease by reducing cholesterol levels, blood sugar and  blood pressure levels as well. The higher the percentage of cacao, the greater the advantages.

Buyers guide: Make sure you drop the milk chocolate bars you buy when waiting in line at the convenience store. Those chocolate bars are loaded in sugars that can actually counteract the benefits of dark chocolate. Try to find bars with a minimum of 70% cacao or higher, with a brief and straightforward ingredient list and consume 1 ounce at a time. Eating too much of dark chocolate is not healthy either.

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