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These 3 Power Bands are Perfect for getting started:

  • Great for warming up and loosening the stiff joints
  • Rotator cuff exercises to keep the shoulders strong
  • Perfect for building strength after injury
  • Assisted Pull ups / Chin ups
  • Back exercises (Pulls, deadlifts, rows, etc...)
  • Chest exercises (Press, flys, resistance push ups, etc...)
  • Bicep exercises
  • Tricep exercises
  • Leg exercises (squats, lunges, extensions, etc...)

A real full body workout to help you build up to your ideal strength and body.


Buy the 3 band set and save 50%! 


+ Comes with a FREE workout sheet that will show you all the exercises you can do for every body group.

Three POWER Band Set - Digital Workout Guide Included
4895 10497

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