EMS muscle trainer helps to tighten and strengthen your muscles. It can be used on your abdomen/arm/leg, buttox and hips. It's a great muscle training equipment and a fat burning one too. It can serve as a massager to relieve muscle fatigue.

It uses USB charging. Offers stable and long lasting power. The exercise intensity of the machine increases by 50% when compared to similar products.(Voltage: 3.7V; Frequency: 1-100Hz; Output max: 98 ma, Absolutely safe for the human body)

Usage is 15 minutes at a time, 1-2 times per day for 6+ weeks. 15-minutes of using the ab stimulatr is equivalent to 30 minutes of sit-ups, 2000M Running, 30 minutes Swimming.

Easy to Use & Portable: Provides 6 exercise modes to choose from, 9 intensity levels from warm-up to high-intensity exercise and finally relaxation. This product can be used anytime and anywhere and it's small enough to be put into a backpack.


Package List

1*Abdomen Pad 2*Arm/Leg Pad 3*EMS Main Units Device 1*USB Cable 1*User Manual

EMS Muscle Stimulator Training Fitness Gear for Abs Arms Buttox Hips & Legs - USB Charged

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