1. Anti-Slip Aluminum Handles jump rope - The unique handle design (cord comes out perpendicular to the handles) and steel cord covered with durable, long-wear plastic allows for smooth, rapid rotation.

2. 360° Swivel Ball Bearing Design - The jump rope can be rotated 360 degrees, produces a smooth turn and can reach speeds of 6-7 turns a second, a lightning quick cable speed rope designed for competitive speed jumpers ,CrossFit and double unders

3. Adjustable Jump Rope Cable- The length of rope skipping is 9.8 feet. You can adjust it to your desired length easily. Cut off the extra cord after adjusting the cord with the adjustable screw and collar system.

4. Workout ropes - The high speed jump rope is made of high strength wire rope wrapped by PU coating for protection and better durability also 100% tangle free. Suited for BOXING, Muay Thai, MMA or WRESTLING Training warm up.

5. Highest quality speed jump rope - for fitness, aerobic exercises, developing core strength, burning calories, slimming, jogging, crossfit, bodybuilding, resistance, reduce fatigue for begginer or advanced women and men.

Adjustable Speed Fitness Jump Rope Ideal for Boxing MMA Training Crossfit Men Women Kids

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