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These workout sheets have been designed to guide you on your journey of getting in shape and building that dream body you've always wanted.

The Bundle includes:

  • 4 EXERCISE SHEETS – Dumbbell Workouts, Resistance Band Workouts, Pilates Exercises and a Stretching Guide which is super important no matter which exercise guide you decide to follow.
  • TOTAL BODY WORKOUT – Tighten and tone your body to get fit and look great! Work your upper and lower body with various exercise equipment, building strength, stamina, energy, posture and endurance.
  • CRAZY MOTIVATION – With over 150+ exercises on our workout sheets you can change your fitness routine as often as you like. No need to memorize all the exercises, just look at your workout sheets for inspiration. Get in the best shape of your life by working your core, arms, legs, shoulders, glutes, back, and chest!
  • EVER LASTING – Keep these files on your email, phone, tablet or computer and never loose sight again. You're just a click away from an amazing workout routine whenever or wherever you are.
Digital Workout Guide
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