5 Steps to Building a Strong Fitness Mindset

5 Steps to Building a Strong Fitness Mindset - Rezlek Fitness

It often happens that we enter our gym and the motivation is just not there. All of us have gone through it and it definitely has an impact on the intensity of our workout. You say to yourself: How was I feeling so good this morning and all of a sudden I'm just not feeling it anymore? Now although this issue can conveniently be dealt with through some type of energy booster or pre-workout energizer, I believe the best solution for this remains in the Mind. The following 5 points are some tips you can practice before your exercises to guarantee that you stay focused, determined and ready to kick ass.


Whether it's before or right when you walk in the gym, the first thing you must do is stretch. This is crucial when preparing your muscles for the for the workout you're about to give them and a great way to get yourself in the right workout mindset, pumped and motivated to crush it. Take this time to visualize your plan, the exercise routine you are going accomplish today. This pre-workout prepping should not be neglected as it is an essential part of your routine and you'll realize how impactful it can be.


This is such an important one for me. Music is an excellent addition for workouts. It gives rhythm, motivation and that extra insanity boost when your favorite beat drops. The very best method to ensure you feel this motivation throughout your entire workout is by creating playlists. I personally have many different playlists, depending on how I'm feeling that day or the type of workout I have planned. As an example, house music when I'm doing cardio and need higher bpms, hip-hop/rap for when I have a chip on my shoulder and rock when I'm feeling like a rockstar. Whichever the case for you, have your songs prepared to shift your mindset the way you wanna go!


The benefits of meditation are huge for anyone working out, whether you're just starting out or have been doing this for years. Take this time to relax and focus. Reorganize your thoughts and channel your energy towards the gym and fitness goals. Practice gratitude to positively shift your mindset and concentrate on what you are about to accomplish, which is make yourself better, mentally, physically, and also spiritually. I highly advise exercising some type of meditation at some point during your day to improve your overall health!


Something that really get's me excited and motivated before a workout is watching inspiring videos and pictures. We all look up to someone who inspires us to be better. You may have a mentor or an idol that get's your blood pumping when you watch them. Use this inspiration to your advantage. After all, that's why they made these videos or pictures in the first place, to inspire people to do better!


This one is often neglected when we think mindset. Now as you might not believe that what you put on has anything to do with how your exercise will turn out, take a second to think about this again. Having the right apparel on, such as those new tights that are super comfortable and breathable, those new cowhide weightlifting gloves that help you lift more or that new fit watch that helps you track your progress, can be extremely effective in building a winning mentality. Apparel and technology is evolving to help us and we should utilize it to improve our workouts and motivation.  

Now that I have shared my 5 tips to improving your fitness mindset, it's time for you to apply what you assume might help you on your road to physical fitness success. So stay focused and let's do this!!

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