Full Body Resistance Exercises You Can Do From Home

Full Body Resistance Exercises You Can Do From Home - Rezlek Fitness

This article will definitely be a valuable reference on how to complete a full body exercise routine with resistance bands.

While spot training can be helpful for athletes targeting specific muscles, a lot of us want to maximize our workouts by getting as much done as possible in the least amount of time. Busy routines, traveling, and day-to-day life can definitely be challenging when trying to remain disciplined and consistent with our exercise routines.

That's where a full body resistance band exercise program will help you always get a good workout in, no matter the obstacles life throws your way.

A full body resistance band exercise workout, is a fantastic way to improve power, endurance, and create a beautiful figure. If you're unfamiliar with circuit training, it's a workout where you perform multiple exercises targeting various muscles with short periods of rest.  A full body resistance band workout program needs to include every one of the major muscles groups, consisting of upper body, back, legs, core, and arms. A complete full body resistance band workout program should include at least 2 exercises per body part.

For example, after having completed a full circuit of exercises, if you still have some juice in you, you should definitely consider going for another round. This is the type of workout you can fit into any routine, or simply get it done on the fly. We recommend you perform this type of workout a solid 3 times a week at a minimum.

Another thing that makes these full body resistance band workouts so interesting and efficient, is the fact that you can get them done anywhere and at any time. You can do them at home, you can take the bands with you to the gym, throw them in a suitcase when you travel or even take them outdoors to the park. They are really an unbelievable piece of training equipment. 

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Listed here are the very best full body resistance band workouts for gaining size as well as improving definition.

This is an important exercise you should include in every routine because it really helps build the pectoral muscles.

How to Chest Press:

  • Wrap the resistance band around a post or a fixed object and grab both ends in each hand. The center of the band has to be at the height of your chest and your back needs to face the post.
  • Place your feet at shoulder width and make sure to keep your body stable.
  • Push the bands forward in front of you by extending your arms and focus on form.
  • It's important you control the band tension and keep form while bringing your arms back to their original position. This will further work your chest muscles.
  • Frequency is a good 2 sets with approximately 10-15 repetitions. You can increase the band tension as you improve and get stronger.

Chest flys are a fantastic workout to include in your full body resistance band exercise routine. They are a terrific alternativeto weights because they include upwards and downwards resistance and considerably reduce the risk of injuries, specifically muscle tearing that you often see with weights.

How to do Chest Flys:

  • Lay on a flat bench with the band looped under the bench. You can also do chest flys with resistance bands by sitting in a chair as well as wrapping the band behind the chair. Hold each end and extend your arms while keeping your fists together.
  • Squeeze your core and stay grounded
  • Open you arms as far out as possible and don't lock your elbows
  • Pull your arms back to the initial position as you flex your pecs.
  • Frequency is 1 to 2 sets with 10 to 15 repetitions.

When this fundamental workout is done with resistance bands you will see a considerable size increase and strength in your quads, glutes and the rest of your legs.Using resistance bands for squats can be a great option for those who have joint pains because they create less wear and tear.

How to squat with resistance bands:

  • Step on the resistance band with both feet hips size apart, and hold each end of the band with your hands.
  • Lift the band to to the height of your shoulders, place it in your palm and let them bad rest on the back of your arm. 
  • Keep your back straight, chest pointing out and elbows looking backwards. 
  • Now bend your legs as if you are to sit in a chair and keep the weight on your heels.
  • Frequency is 1-2 sets with 10-15 repetitions.

The lunge is considered one of the best leg workouts. It develops great stamina for the entire lower body.

How to do lunges:

  • Step one foot forward while stepping on the band
  • Grab each side of the band with your hands and lift to shoulder height.
  • Make sure your back and head are straight while elbows face back.
  • Lower your hips down till your front thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Press through your front foot as you elevate your hips and also align your front leg.
  • Keep your knee over your toes as you lower and lift your body into the movement.
  • Frequency is 1-2 sets with 10-15 reps.

A great body has to include some sexy calve muscles. Make sure you add these calf exercises to your workout routine.

How to do calf raises with resistance bands:

  • Secure the resistance bands to the bottom of a door, sturdy chair, or just step on them.
  • With your back to the door, get each end of the bands in your hands and walk about 1 - 2 feet away from the door.
  • Lift your hands at shoulder height.
  • Keep your back straight and also direct while you perform the motion.
  • Raise both of your heels off the flooring and also try to get up on your toes as high as possible.
  • Frequency is 1-2 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

Lot of times people focus on their chest, arms and legs and tend to forget about the back. Incorporating back exercises into your resistance band routine workout, will certainly keep a healthy balance between back and chest and won't allow for those muscles to get injured and loose form.

Targeting the latissimus dorsi, with back rows can be done anywhere when you have resistance bands. While performing this workout, focus on restricting your arms to separate the "V-Tapered" muscle mass on your back.

  • Place the band on the floor step on the band with your feet and keep it about shoulder width apart. During this exercise you can keep both feet on the ground or elevate one foot and step on chair for example.
  • Hold the bands and get into a squatting position.
  • Keep your head up, back straight, bend over slightly, elbows tucked close to your body and your knees must be bent.
  • Pull the band in the direction of your chest while focusing on form.
  • Release slowly while maintaining resistance so that you never really are resting.
  • Frequency 1-2 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

This is an amazing exercise to add to your routine that is comfortable, alleviates back pain and helps build good strength for your back. This workout targets the spinal erectors which are found on the sides of your spinal cord.

  • Wrap the band around a sturdy drawer, a pole or something heavy in your surroundings.
  • Hold each of the bands and stand far enough from the anchoring point so that you have enough room to bend your head forward.
  • Your back must be straight, elbows tucked.
  • Pull the bands towards you while keep your back straight.
  • Release but keep resistance at all times.
  • Frequency 1-2 sets and 10-15 repetitions.

Regardless if you want more powerful and beefier arms, or just more defined arms, then you need to constantly incorporate these arm exercises right into your workout routine.

This exercise is an important one targeting the biceps which resembles curl exercises with weights.

How to perform bicep curls:

  • Start stepping onto the middle of the band and then grab both sides with each hand. You can also insert a horizontal bar and curl the bar instead of the bands.
  • Make sure your back and head is straight with your feet about hip width apart.
  • Start with your arms fully extended and palms facing up while holding the bands.
  • Pull the bands up towards your chin and focus on your form.
  • Gradually lower your hands to their original position and maintain resistance at all times.
  • Frequency is1-2 sets with 10-15 repetitions.

This tricep workout is great to strengthen your triceps and build muscles mass. It specifically targets the triceps and will make them extra hard.

  • Step on the center of the band and grab the other end of it with your hand.
  • Keep your back and head straight at all times.
  • Begin to extend your arms upwards while keep your elbow pointed upwards as well and focus on form.
  • Raise the band over your head, until your arm is practically completely straight.
  • Frequency is 1-2 sets for 10-15 repetitions per arm.

Rezlek resistance bands can be found in a variety of colors, sizes and resistances. Use our articles and workouts to help you get in your best shape.

We are determined to help you get the best workout, wherever you are at anytime of the day. Join us and let's gooo!

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